Wānanga Dates

Four wānanga have been scheduled as part of The Tuahiwi Project. Dates and topics for wānanga are:

Wānanga One – 7 April 2018
Who are we? – Our history
How will we work together? – Agreeing the values and behaviour

Wānanga Two – 9 June 2018
What are we doing? – Understanding the journey
What do we want to accomplish? – Setting our goals

Wānanga Three – 6 July 2018
What have we said? – Looking at what we want
What do we look like? – Our current structure

Wānanga Four – 7 July 2018
What are the options? – Exploring the options
What is the best option? – Evaluating the options

If you unable to attend the wānanga you can still have your say at www.slido.com using the Code: TTP01

For more information on Wānanga or for assistance with attending wānanga or accessing information through other channels contact Nicole Manawatu-Brennan 027 442 3006